Mekong Delta River Tour

Mekong Delta River Tour

$135 per person

The Mekong River originates in the mountains of Tibet and, having crossed 4500 km, flows into the South China Sea. At the mouth of the river forms a delta, with a total leghts of ​​70 thousand km. Floating market Cai Be is a famous place in the Mekong Delta, an unchanging attribute of this region. Every day, about 400-500 boats filled with fruits, vegetables and other products anchor along the long banks of the river and await traders. The goods are hung on a high place in front of the boat, as a pattern, so as to attract a buyer from a distance. The products sold usually are grown on the fields in the Mekong delta and on small plantations along numerous canals. You will ride a boat through a huge network of twisting rivers crossed by countless canals. Also, you will have the opportunity for a visit to fruit gardens and tasting seasonal fruits. On the way back you will visit a traditional Vietnamese village, get acquainted with the way of life of its inhabitants, the individualities of agriculture (planting, growing rice, farming poultry, making rice and corn paper). You will visit the snake factory with a presentation of folklore music, and you will have the opportunity at dinner to taste rare fish “elephant earfish”.

What’s included:

guide, car with air conditioning, entrance tickets, lunch, tasting fruit, sweets, boat rental. 

Duration of the tour from 5:00 to 20:00


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