Tour to Cu Chi Tunnels

Tour to Cu Chi Tunnels

$135 per person

Around 70 km from Saigon. This place has been known since the Vietnam War against the Americans, underground passageways in Cu Chi were used as the base of the Vietnamese army. Delicate American soldiers could not penetrate the labyrinths, and those who succeeded, met numerous traps. You will become acquainted with the scheme of the system, see a documentary about the heroic iron land of Cu Chi. Visit  part of a tunnel, and if you wish you can shoot from American machines for an additional payment. The system of tunnels created by them extends more than 200 km, some of which have even several “floors”, including innumerable entrances to living quarters, warehouses, weapons workshops, field hospitals, command centers and kitchens. Over the main tunnel is laid 4-meter brickwork. Today the tunnels of Cu Chi have become the main tourist attraction, giving a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the underground life of Vietnamese guerrillas.

When you visit the tunnels and sections of some interior spaces you will see sculptural mock-ups depicting the military everyday life of Vietnamese soldiers. The main attraction of the complex are hand-dug underground tunnels during the war. The fascination that the tunnels could accommodate up to 16 thousand people. At a depth of 10-15 m.

What’s included:

guide, air-conditioned car, entrance tickets and lunch.

Duration of the excursion from 5:00 to 20:00


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